Dr. David Berson – Professor at Brown University                                                                                                 Dr. Berson visits with graduate student Paul Bonezzi while visiting the Renna lab on November 17th, 2016.



SFN 2016 – San Diego, CA                                                                                                                         Undergraduate Jessica Onyak presents her research project at the international Society for Neuroscience conference.



BURS 2016 – Akron, OH                                                                                                                            Undergraduate students Chris Ross and Jessica Onyak present their research at the University of Akron’s Biology Undergraduate Research Symposium.


20160504_arvo2016_sonderekerrenna_xARVO 2016 – Seattle, WA                                                                                                                                      1st year graduate student Katelyn Sondereker presents her research at an international vision research conference.


20150504_arvo2015_vicarel_xARVO 2015 – Denver, CO                                                                                                                       Undergraduate student Dan Vicarel presents his honor’s thesis research project at an international vision research conference.


Dr. Jordan Renna along with The University of Akron Biology Department’s Neuroscience in Health and Disease class took the ice bucket challenge with over 100 liters of ice cold water. Students donated $365 and biology faculty/staff matched that for a total of $730 raised for the ALS association.

For a complete story please see this article in The Buchtelite or this in The Seven Minute Scientist.

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